I have had many years of dealing with chronic nerve pain in my head, face, ear, and neck. The pain in my head would often feel like electric shocks and the tingling in my head and face would make it very difficult to concentrate on daily tasks.  I have seen several doctors and specialists who prescribed different medications. Sometimes they would take the pain away for a short term; then the pain would return with more intensity.  This would mean an increase in the dosage and when I got up to 9 pill per day the doctors would change the medication, and again, not a good result!


In January 2017 I was introduced to Lynne Ozone, a registered acupuncturist in Salmon Arm.  After a few acupuncture treatments, I can honestly say the pain has gone away. What a blessing!  There is some tingling once in a while, but nothing like before.  Lynne’s treatments not only helped me get rid of the pain, but she taught me how to take care of my body.  I learned how everyday stress can bring on health problems and my nerve condition was very likely brought on by some stress in the last 15 years of my life.  I never considered these times really stressful, but I do remember one doctor telling me “You have a lot of things on your plate!”.  I guess they were telling me to take one day at a time!  Thanks to Lynne, I am trying not to put myself in situations that cause me to be tense and stressed.


Thank you, Lynne for helping me with the nerve pain and for your professional advice on how to keep it from coming back!  I will practice the methods you taught me on how to release the tension and stress.  You are very kind and caring!