Having always been an inquisitive student, Meagan attempts to quench her insatiable thirst for understanding the human condition through her massage.  With warm hands and an open mind, she is eager to work with her clients to find individualized solutions to all ranges of physical condition.

Through a multi-faceted approach consisting of but not limited to Swedish massage, joint manipulation, and passive range of motion, Meagan assists clients in becoming more mindful of their own bodies – their abilities, limitations, sensations (both good and bad), awaking an understanding of the interconnection of the bodily systems, how we use them, and how we can take control of our health and wellness.

Seeing the benefit of Massage Therapy on both the body and the mind, Meagan strives to ensure a comfortable experience for all clients.  Allowing space for quiet, peaceful breath and stillness, focused attention and contemplation, while encouraging clients to ask questions, provide feedback, and share responsibility for the successful progress that teamwork can accomplish.

As a newcomer to the area, Meagan looks forward to learning from her clients and about the bountiful opportunities this rich community has to offer.  Being very outdoorsy and nature oriented, you can sometimes find her exploring trails, seeking new heights, or blazing down the snowy mountain sides.

If you would like to book a treatment with Meagan, call 250-833-5899 or book online.