What our clients have to say

We are so grateful for our clients and are honoured to share with you some of their comments over the years. Would you like to let us know what you think? Send an email

Results were better and longer lasting

I received laser therapy for treatment of neck pain.  I was relieved of pain after 5 treatments.  The results were better and longer lasting than other therapies.  

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Laser Therapy has changed my life!

Laser Therapy has changed my life! Due to illness 33 years ago, circulation was cut off in my left foot and it was left damaged, stiff as a board (could not bend it at all), nerves had died, very little feeling except under the big toe which was very painful to put pressure on so it… Read more “Laser Therapy has changed my life!”


Life is a gift

In less than four years I underwent a 10 and 1/2 hour brain surgery, then unfortunately followed by two concussions from two motor vehicle accidents. To be alive is a gift, and from the depths of my heart I offer my humble gratitude for the exquisite beauty and power of Chinese medicine. Through the deep… Read more “Life is a gift”

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This even amazes my family physician

In September 2013 my table saw jumped up and bit me – off to emergency and 17 stitches in my right index finger.  To this day the blood remains in the shop and I haven’t used my table saw since.  I told Donna about my accident and she recommended laser when the stitches came out.… Read more “This even amazes my family physician”


Almost no sensitivity

I am enjoying the laser treatments on my jaw and the sensitivity in my tooth has diminished to almost no sensitivity.  


I also have good news for you

I also have good news for you!! And for me! I have been taking the Yin Valley pills for over a year, and just had a check-up done at the hospital!! Thought you would be happy to hear that my cervix has ALMOST completely healed! Just one tiny spot of cervical dysplasia that we took… Read more “I also have good news for you”


Praise acupuncture… I can walk

In gratitude!  My knee is pain-free except for a tiny twinge.  I’m amazed!  Praise acupuncture… I can walk!  

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What a blessing

I have had many years of dealing with chronic nerve pain in my head, face, ear, and neck. The pain in my head would often feel like electric shocks and the tingling in my head and face would make it very difficult to concentrate on daily tasks.  I have seen several doctors and specialists who… Read more “What a blessing”

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I was easily able to sleep

My hip was sore in the night the past 2 days and I tried the Phytoprofen for the first time and find it very effective. The discomfort subsided and I was easily able to sleep afterwards. Thanks for letting me know about it, I haven’t taken any Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen since you warned me about… Read more “I was easily able to sleep”

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Thank you Donna!

I have spent years with low energy – nothing that physicians could explain.  After several tests and quick appointments where I was told there was no concerns, I took my results to Donna.  She reviewed the reports and immediately put a plan of action together. After only 1 month, I can feel a tremendous difference!… Read more “Thank you Donna!”

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I feel so much better

Thank you, Donna, for your great work yesterday. I don’t know what you did, but I feel so much better than I have in weeks.  

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Thank you, Erica for an amazing treatment. My whole nervous system was calmed down and the relaxation lasted all weekend!

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I think it saved me

I have a history of many accidents and damage to my spine, including cracked vertebrae and decreased space between them.  More and more I was experiencing radiating extreme shooting pain, searing, a feeling that my back was going to crumble.  By age 50 this was chronic and I was looking into surgery.  I became aware… Read more “I think it saved me”

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He is starting to live again

I am writing to you to make you aware of my gratitude and thankfulness to Lynne Ozone! My husband is slowly recovering from the severe breakdown of his body. I am thankful you never gave up, working on his mental health as well. He trusts you both and I am so very blessed you have been… Read more “He is starting to live again”


My brain feels clearer

I keep exclaiming how different I feel.  I feel like how I used to.. lighter, more energy, I WANT to do things.  I’m sleeping better.  My brain feels clearer.  Like all the wheels are in the track again.  So interesting. I was just chalking it up to getting old, working too long and too hard.… Read more “My brain feels clearer”

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