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seca The only bioimpedance device with output parameters validated to the most precise “Gold Standard” in a multicenter published study.

The new seca mBCA 554 is the result of a long-term cooperation with medical experts and research in the field of body composition. Measurement results are presented with graphics and give valuable support in medical, wellness and fitness contexts.

Just stand on the device, hold the handrails, and within seconds, you receive a complete body composition report plus a detailed analysis.

Makes body composition visible and easy to understand.

  • Rapid assessment of vital body composition, such as fat mass, visceral fat, skeletal muscle mass, body water and phase angle with medical precision.
  • Detailed assessment of nutritional state, muscle loss or muscle gain.
  • Shows nutritional and functional status and fluid distribution abnormalities.
  • Provides a detailed understanding of hydration and body cell mass.
  • Visual summary in an easy-to read format.
  • Resting metabolic rate is estimated.
  • Measures segments: right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg, right half of body, left half of body, torso.
  • Measurement time: 17 seconds.


Direct access to your results.
Measurement results are provided directly to you via any device. This allows you to track changes in your body composition.

Value packages

While single readings are available, body comp packages provide a value price for those looking for multiple readings on a budget. They are ideal for individuals checking their body composition multiple times throughout the year.

Readings are frequently performed at two or three-month intervals. If more detail is needed during more aggressive change, readings can be performed as often as once per month – example, performance athletes, or for monitoring intermittent fasting, or for those undergoing aggressive weight reduction.

For those making slower, more nuanced changes a reading every two or three months may be more appropriate. Are your dietary and lifestyle changes paying off?

All packages must be completed within 24 months of purchase.

To schedule your appointment, please read the “how to prepare” section below, then call 250.833.5899 or contact acuhealthoffice@telus.net.

How to prepare for a Body Comp reading:

  • Best if no food for 8 -12 hours before measurement
  • No alcohol for 12 hours before
  • No vigorous exercise for several hours before
  • No large quantities of liquid immediately before
  • Empty bladder before measurement

Water retention may occur during pre-menstrual and menstrual phases; measurement is less accurate if taken at these times.

Measurement is not recommended during pregnancy. There are no contraindications, but equations aren’t accurate in pregnancy.

Joint replacements and inactive implants are fine. Missing limbs and amputations will not give accurate results.

A fever or febrile illness will give inaccurate results.

Safety Information:

Bioimepedance Analysis may not be performed on persons with:

  • Electronic implants (such as cardiac pacemakers, cardioverters)
  • Active prostheses
  • Electronic life-support systems (such as artificial heart, artificial lung) connected
  • Portable electronic medical device (such as ECG) connected
  • BIA is altered by silicone breast implants that appear as fat

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