Frequently Asked Questions

Are your practitioners Registered?
Yes. All of our practitioners our registered.  We have had new graduates at times, in this case their registration status will be clearly stated and a lower rate applied to their treatment.

Our Acupuncturists are registered with College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia (CTCMA).  The CTCMA is BC’s only governing body for the practice of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Acupuncturists are required to successfully complete 2 years (60 credits) of university education in liberal arts or sciences and must also earn an acupuncture diploma from an approved program in BC, completing 4-5 years of education.  Practitioners may continue their training to become an Herbalist (Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner) and a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Acupuncturists are required to participate in ongoing training and education to ensure their skill remain current and relevant.

Our Registered Massage Therapists are registered with the College of Massage Therapy of BC and have the highest standards in North America after completing a rigorous three year training program. All Registered Massage Therapists are required to participate in ongoing training and education to ensure their skill remain current and relevant.

Do I need a Doctor’s Referral?
You do not need a doctor’s referral for your initial visit unless you have an Extended Health Plan which often requires one before they will reimburse you. Also, if your therapist anticipates a prolonged session of treatments they will ask you to visit your doctor to obtain a referral.

Am I covered under BC Medical?
British Columbians that qualify for Supplemental Benefits (based on the previous year’s income) can claim part of their visit to a Registered Acupuncturist or Registered Massage Therapist. The Medical Services Plan (MSP) will contribute up to $23 per visit, for up to ten total visits (all modalities) per calendar year. Patients will be responsible for any costs above this amount.

Please enter your Personal Health Number into your intake form if you wold like us to submit this for you.

Am I covered under my Employer’s Extended Health Benefits Plan?
Some British Columbians have extended health benefits through a workplace group insurance plan. Coverage varies, often with an annual or per appointment ceiling amount. Sometimes a doctor’s referral is also required for submission and reimbursement of claims. Check with your plan and please let reception know if you would like us to direct bill for you.  We require a credit card on file in our fully encrypted system provided by JaneApp for direct billing services.

Do you accept WCB claims?
We do not direct bill WCB claims at our clinic.

Do you accept ICBC claims?
With a valid ICBC Claim number, ICBC is allowing 12 preauthorized treatments (acupuncture and massage) available within the first 12 weeks following the claimants crash.If your practitioner feels you would benefit from more treatments, an extension could be requested for review from the ICBC Claims Specialist.

If you have an active ICBC claim be sure to inform the front desk when booking so that we can direct you to one of our practitioners that accept ICBC clients.  Past claims that have expired will need to be preapproved by your adjuster. Please let reception know if yours is an old claim and allow time for this approval process.

Please have the following information ready when booking an initial ICBC appointment: claim number, date of accident, your claim specialist’s name and contact information.

Do you accept RCMP/Veteran’s Affairs (DVA) ?
Veterans and RCMP members are usually covered for acupuncture and massage therapy, but coverage amounts and prescription requirments differ.  Please call our office in advance to allow our front staff time to get pre-approvals, prescriptions in place (annual renewal is required) and to see if there are any additional requirements that Medavie needs.  We can direct bill to Medavie Blue Cross for RCMP and Veterans only.

What should I expect at my first visit?                                                                                                                                                                                                                            All Patients will need to complete a medical history intake for the modality they are coming for prior to your scheduled appointment time.  Your practitioner will also take you through a thorough assessment of your current condition or injury. These are vital steps in your treatment as your therapist uses this information to formulate a treatment plan for you. It is very important to provide the practitioner with as much information as possible, even if it doesn’t seem immediately relevant.

After your examination, the hands on portion of the treatment will begin. You will be properly draped (covered) for privacy with only the immediate area being treated uncovered. During the hands on portion, your practitioner will check to make sure you are comfortable with both the environment and the treatment.

It is common for your practitioner to take a moderate approach during the first visit to determine your body’s response. Be sure to let your practitioner know if anything feels uncomfortable or painful, and feel free to ask questions before, during, or after your treatment.

Your practitioner’s goal is rehabilitation and prevention and they will discuss and provide direction to you on such topics as exercise, posture, stretching and other areas of self care.

What do I wear to an appointment?
Your regular clothes are fine. You may be asked to partially disrobe but you will be properly covered for privacy and comfort.