Laser Therapy has changed my life! Due to illness 33 years ago, circulation was cut off in my left foot and it was left damaged, stiff as a board (could not bend it at all), nerves had died, very little feeling except under the big toe which was very painful to put pressure on so it was very difficult to find shoes that I could walk in.  Orthotics helped so that I could wear shoes but tended to walk on the side of that foot, and always much slower than everyone else.  I always had a slight limp.  Over the years I developed osteoarthritis in that foot on the big toe side and the big bone behind it.  By August 2011, I was hanging on to furniture just to get around the house.  I borrowed a cane to help me walk better.  Shoes were impossible to keep on more than 5 min.  It was just too painful! I was supposed to be leaving the last week in Sept. to spend 6 weeks with my daughter and my 2 grandsons.  How was I going to do that in my present condition?

I heard about laser therapy and decided to try it.  After 1 treatment there was considerably less pain under the big toe.  After about 3, I was walking flat on my foot and I was no longer limping for the first time in 33 years.  It was like a miracle.  I couldn’t believe it! I had about 11 treatments before my trip.  We noticed there was now some movement in my toes and I was ticklish again. I kept waiting for the symptoms to return but they didn’t. I rented a machine to take with me for maintenance. I played outside, in the house with the 2 grandsons. I even chased the oldest on the grass and in the house.  At night I would give myself treatments and be good to go again.

As time passed I have had more feeling return. I am still walking flat on my foot, without limping.  Plus I no longer walk 3 ft. behind, I walk side by side. I still do maintenance treatments so I did purchase the MedX machine. I am so grateful I discovered laser therapy and grateful for the better quality of life it has enabled me to have. THANK YOU