Cassie is a Registered Massage Therapist born and raised in Vernon, BC. Cassie completed her Registered Massage Therapy schooling locally, and then branched out to see BC from a professional and personal fulfillment stand point.

Having lived in Kelowna, BC, steadily for the last 3 years, she was ready to be closer to the mountains and back into a smaller community. She loves the outdoors, enjoys activities in all seasons, and is content to roam the plethora of trails that Salmon Arm has hidden all about.

Cassie has a passion for always learning new things about the human body and all of its capabilities, as well as sharing any and all of the knowledge she already has with her patients. She goes into each appointment with an open mind and adaptability. Using a variety of different assessment and treatment skills and techniques, she will tailor the treatment to what is appropriate for that patient. As her career has progressed, she has taken further training in Myofascial release, Arthrokinetic therapy (a joint mobilizations course), and most recently has done her mat level Pilates Teacher Training. She believes that addressing the core stability of our body, assessing it, and building it up from a strong base, is an important part of any recovery process or wellbeing plan. As she progresses more, she will be training in further levels of Pilates as well.

Cassie also finds the importance in utilizing the breath, not only for the therapeutic calming effects, but also to find a rhythm for movement. She believes that so many wonderful changes and recovery can come from simply bringing our bodies back into a rest and digest state.

If you would like to book a treatment with Cassie, call 250-833-5899 or book online.