Sophia Fischer

“You can never go too deep, only too fast.”, one of her instructors used to say.

Sophia works gently with the nervous system to listen first to what the tissues and the systems have to say before moving forwards.

She uses a variety of techniques including Swedish, a combination of passive and active movement as well as rhythmic mobilizations to communicate with each individual and their system throughout the massage.

She believes strongly in the importance of assessment and uses it as a cornerstone of her approach to treatment.

Sophia has experience in functional treatments: facilitating patients in returning to comfortable, fluid movement from painful or restricted states. She enjoys working with each patient to understand their body more deeply through movement and neuromuscular activation, in the way of building a strong and dynamic physical foundation from the ground up.

She also believes in empowerment through knowledge and is happy to act as a resource for patients to build an understanding of and control over their own physical health.

Originally from Nelson, BC, Sophia has traveled the world exploring different ways, cultures and landscapes. She chose to complete her massage therapy program at Sutherland-Chan School & Teaching Clinic in Toronto, Ontario and has recently returned to BC to be close to the mountains.

If you would like to book a treatment with Sophia, call 250-833-5899 or book online.